The Miltool

This product was born from a belief that precision should be accessible to everyone.

It simplifies rangefinding, making it easy and powerful for hunters, shooters, and long-range enthusiasts to achieve their goals with accuracy, speed, and confidence.

The Miltool empowers you to hit your target every time and unlock your true shooting potential.

Miltool in the field

On this site, you can register as a user, to customize your Miltool.

Furthermore, this will give you more customization options for adapting the tool to your own ballistics, and allow you to keep track of your personal ballistic data.

Please click the “Customize” link for more information, or use the menu at the top to navigate this page.

Who needs a Miltool?

With your Miltool and your scope or binocular reticle, you can not only estimate the range to a target, but also find your scope adjustments and make wind corrections.

Quickly, under any weather and with no batteries!

This tool is a perfect companion for the hunter and long range shooter, that wants a simple, reliable, light weight and field usable range finding and interactive bullet drop calculator.

Additionally, It’s made for rough use. As it is made from a tough, durable and waterproof plastic. And the same time, be easily operated with gloves or cold hands.

To learn more, please click on the “Why use the Miltool” page. Alternatively, you can use the menu at the top to navigate the rest of this site.

Where to buy

It is available for purchase from our distributor: Ulfhednar