Why use a Miltool?

Why use an analog tool, when you can just use a laser rangefinder…?

The Miltool is a complete ballistics solver and milliradian slide-rule and a practical analog tool.

In fact, a slide-rule is technology developed in the 17th century, and was a commonly used calculation tool in science and engineering. Today, we have an option to use electronic ballistic calculators and laser rangefinders, as modern solutions for estimating and adjusting for the environment.

Despite their advantages, this approach can often result in complexity and high costs.

Not all surfaces can get a reliable laser reading, and sometimes the laser gives you more than one  target. Maybe you actually hit a branch along the way?

The Miltool, on the other hand, can also help you verify the laser-range measurement. Furthermore, an analog tool does not require a battery and has fewer parts that can fail and break than a laser. A laser can also be harmful for eyes.

To learn more, please see this excellent video by WALDFEIN – Shooting (in German)


Miltool in the snow

So what makes the Miltool different from it’s competitors?

For one, it is a two-in-one solution for finding a range and quickly giving you a shot solution based on the distance, angle, and wind.

The Miltool matches many modern scopes better, as it can be used down to 0.2 Mil’s and up to 10. However, it is not practically possible to make a scale down to 0.1 Mils because of the logarithmic nature of the scale.

In addition, the scale goes up to 600cm (6 meters) and down to 10cm This is handy for measuring long objects and precise small ones.

A Miltool can also help you to measure distances between to objects at a known range or the size of an object, assuming your ranging is accurate

Knowledge is lightweight

Its small (15×7,8 cm) and 25g (0.88oz)

You can hack and adapt the Miltool to suit your needs.

A small clearance exists between the inert and sleeve, where you can slip a custom scale printed from this page. But this only works with specific paper types (to thick will not work ). 

Finally, there are other reasons why you might prefer to use an analog tool like the Miltool. For instance, sometimes a ‘soft skill’ like using a scope to find a range can be a useful ability. Additionally, sometimes you may want to maintain stealth, and the right equipment can detect a laser..

In a world where complex and expensive range-finding tools dominate, the Miltool offers an old-school solution to a modern problem.